Metropolis: Battle-Force Conflicts
Metropolis is a fast paced sci-fi battle game set in the same brutal universe as Urban War. However the war in Iskandria is escalating and the initial skirmishing is developing into full-blown military conflict. In response, all the warring factions are throwing in ever-increasing numbers of fresh troops, including heavier armoured elements.

Metropolis moves the action up a level from the small-scale skirmishes played out in Urban War. It shifts the focus from the individual to the squad, and players take command of armies, or ‘battle-forces’, containing several squads.

As in Urban War, the same seven factions are vying for dominance: The Junkers, the Gladiators, the Triads, VASA, the Viridians, the Syntha, and the Koralon.

Junkers – grim convict legions

Gladiators – warriors of the arenas

Triads – clan warriors, contemptuous of outsiders

VASA – galactic enforcers of law and order

Viridians – traders relying on pure firepower

Syntha – human cyborgs and robotic androsynths

Junkers – grim convict

Koralon – alien symbiotes, wielders of unearthly powers

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You can read more about the game here, or download the full rules and try them out here. You can also ask questions and chat to the online community of Urban War gamers in our forums here.