News 30.01.08 – Final Fantasy 400 point Urban War Tournament

Bennet (gold) & Jason

amie (bronze) & Jason

Craig (joint silver) & Jason

Peter (joint silver) & Jason

The Urban War tournament at Final Fantasy was a roaring success with 22 players fighting it out on the day. The atmosphere was great, the competition was tough but fair, and the final honours went to Bennet (gold), Craig & Peter (joint silver), and Jamie (bronze). Thanks to all involved, and a special thanks to Jason for providing both the venue, and the mountain of doughnuts that kept everyone fueled up and fighting fit! You can read more here.

Phase 9 Release Previews – Shipping Mon 4th Feb

34111-Sniper Team

34304-HK2800 Grav Bikes


34511-Spore Drake




News 23.01.08

INN Fanzine Issue 9 Out Now
This issue’s main focus is on terrain. There were already some good terrain submissions so we added a few more to complete the issue. There are now three regular columns: Tactical Insight, Terrain Outpost and Saramin Says. Also in this issue – more fiction.
Download it here

News 21.12.07

Games of War Tournament
Congratulations to Terry (gold), Scott (silver), and Jamie (bronze), and thanks to everyone who took part in the 400pt Urban War tournament at Games of War. Special thanks also to Alan and Yvonne for the venue (and the free biccies!). As ever the atmosphere was great and good sportsmanship was universal. You can read more here.

Mammoths and Hydras
We enjoyed our visit to Project Hydra immensely, and our demos of Urban War went down well with their customers. Our thanks go to Stuart and Tom (the Hydras) for their warm welcome and the gallons of coffee they supplied. Also a big hello to the excellent bunch of gamers we demoed to. See you for a tournament next time chaps!

Webstore now accepts PayPal
In response to customer requests our online store now accepts PayPal in addition to our usual card processing method. On checkout simply select that option in the dropdown. Please feel free to try it out right now, although it’s probably too late for Christmas delivery! : )

News 07.12.07 – Painted Koralon Spore Drake Preview

Spore Drakes are just as heavily armoured and difficult to kill as Venom Drakes, however they’re somewhat less dangerous in close combat. That said they should still only be tackled by heavily armoured specialists, or taken out at range, as they’re more than capable of massacring an entire squad of marines or such like.
The real threat that a Spore Drake poses though is in its Spore Launchers, gun like appendages that sprout from its arms. These operate much like a mortar, firing a large hard-shelled spore in an arcing trajectory. On impact they explode, scattering a mixture of razor sharp shards and corrosive liquid over a wide area.

The Koralon Spore Drake is part of Metropolis Phase 9 Releases – Scheduled to ship Jan 21st.

Gale Force Nine Urban War/ Metropolis Counters & Templates
Now available to order online!

GF9-56001 Urban War/Metropolis Template set, £9.00
GF9-56011 Metropolis Token set, £7.00
GF9-56021 Urban War Token set, £7.00

Click here for full details.

News 04.12.07
Gale Force Nine Urban War/ Metropolis Counters & Templates

We are delighted to announce the imminent release of GF9’s Urban War & Metropolis Counters and Templates. It’s been a wee while in the works but I’m sure you’ll agree they’ve been well worth waiting for. Release date and retail prices will follow shortly.

GF9 56011Metropolis Token set

GF9 56021Urban War Token set

GF9 56001Urban War/Metropolis Template set

GF9 56021 Urban War Token set contains 20 counters: 4 Over-watch, 4 Snap-fire, 4 Lock-fire, 4 Shock, 2 Panic & 2 Wound. GF9 56011 Metropolis Token set contains 20 counters: 4 Over-watch, 4 Activated, 4 Shock, 2 Panic, 2 One-wound, 2 Two-wound, 1 Three-wound & 1 Four-wound. GF9 56001 Urban War Metropolis Template set contains 3 templates: Large Circular, Small Circular and combined Large Teardrop & Circular.

News 30.11.07

Phase 8 Releases are now ready to ship and are available to order in the online store. There are 12 new codes, including the Viridian Tomahawk CLAU shown left.

Click here for full details.

News 29.11.07

34608-Junker Titus IV Nero Preview
Shown on a standard 50mm plastic base, the Titus IV Nero stands an imposing 68mm tall from base to top shoulder mounted exhaust system. Part of Metropolis Phase 9 releases scheduled to ship January 21st.

News 16.11.07

Phase 8 Release Previews

Shipping on November the 26th, this release consists of 7 box sets and 5 blister packs. See the Future Releases page here for the rest of this releases images.

Iskandria News Network Fanzine Issue 8 Now Available for download
Issue 8 sees alternate force lists for Metropolis as well as additional rules, a scenario and fan fiction. Saramin Says is ever present as is The regular rules column, now renamed Tactical Insight.
Click here for more info & download

Joust for Fun Tournament

Gold Mr Joust aka Richard Humphreys

SilverThomas McFarland

SilverThomas McFarland

He’s in here somewhere

Kris checks if there’s a modifier for bad dice

Group photo

Congratulations to Richard, Thomas & David and many thanks to all the guys who took part in our Urban War Tournament at Joust for Fun. Cheers to Barry for running the event and Richard for the photos. See more here.

News 09.11.07

Unfortunately on our recent trip to Salon de Jeu in Paris, France, we had our company laptops, passports and driving licenses stolen. Needless to say this has set us back somewhat and has forced us to re-schedule our releases over the coming months, essentially releases have been put back a month.

You can find our new release schedule here.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.
Team Mammoth

07.11.07 – Urban War Strike-Team Actions
FREE German Language PDF Download Available Now!

The complete Urban War Strike-Team Actions game system in German. Includes full army lists for all seven factions, quick reference sheets, counters, templates and roster sheets and introductory Scenarios.
Click here to download (7.88mb).

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